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Don't take my fries!

The monkey was attempting to take some fries at lunch time.
My brother scared it away with his floral umbrella.

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Scenic stops in South Africa

Scenery by the Three Randevaals

worldtrip06 247.jpg


Actual Three Randevaals
worldtrip06 546.jpg

Bourkes Luck Potholes
worldtrip06 452.jpg
IMG_1113.jpgworldtrip06 474.jpg

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It's never too early to think about the Final Four

This year the Final Four will be at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. If ...I mean when UCLA makes it to the Final Four. You're all welcome to crash at my pad in the ATL to go see the game!

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My love for sandwiches

For those of you that know me well, you know that I love sandwiches. Since I frequently talk about going to Subway or driving to get some Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwiches).

Here's a list I've compiled of sandwiches I need to try:

  1. Buffalo, New York - "Beef-on-Weck", thinly sliced beef on a kummelweck

  2. Natick, Massachusetts - Shelf-stable sandwiches

  3. Watertown, Massachusetts - Falafel

  4. Boston - Roast beef

  5. Wiscasset, Maine - Lobster roll

  6. New York City - Pastrami; Peanut butter and jelly; "The Elvis" (from Peanut Butter and Company)

  7. Philadelphia - the cheesesteak, roast pork, and hoagies

  8. Chicago - Italian beef, topped with hot pepper giardiniera

  9. Marshalltown, Iowa - Taylor's Maid-Rite "loose meat" ground beef

  10. St. Louis - Snoots, Ears, and Rib Tips; the St. Paul sandwich, egg foo yung on white bread with lettuce and tomato

  11. Louisville, Kentucky - the "Hot Brown", an open-faced turkey sandwich with cheese and bacon

  12. Pittsburgh - Chipped ham Slammer

  13. New Orleans - Shrimp and oyster po-boys; muffalettas

  14. Houston - barbecue

  15. Los Angeles - French dip sandwich at Philippe's

Does anyone have a sandwich I should add to this list?

Who wants to go on a SANDWICH ROADTRIP!?

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time for an update

I'm actually in Camarillo. At home for a few days before I'm off on a new adventure, Atlanta.

I'll be uploading photos from the rest of my trip soon. Which includes Swaziland, Thailand and New Zealand.

I've managed to pass through 1 and 1/2 coups. 1 being Thailand (which wasn't noticeable at all) and 1/2 being Fiji, which was impending.

I just ordered a new camera. I can't wait til it comes in the mail!

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Carnivore Restaurant

Have you had 10 different animals on one plate? I didn't think so


No endangered or threatened species were harmed in the production of this blog.

the game meat side of the menu



This photo is a candid shot. My brother caught me in an absolutely hypnotized state. MMMM meat.

Hanging with the Hippo.

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Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve Johannesburg

Some Alarmingly Close Lions

White Rhino (The name White Rhino is a mistake. It should be Wide Rhino or Wide Mouthed Rhino. It has a wide mouth because it is a grazer unlike the Black Rhino which is a browser)

Zoom was not necessary.

SEE!(I was a wimp. I kept my window up). That lion was licking himself for awhile.

Aren't the little lions cute?

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Christian Book Store

Afrikaans is amusing


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Click click!


So I'm in South Africa to visit my brother. He's a Fulbright exchange teacher and teaches high school level Math.
He teaches at Mandisa Shiceka High School. Mandisa Shiceka is a Xhosa name....Meaning it has a click in it! Click language! It's pronounced Mandeesuh Shi-CLICK!-eh-ka. It's not the poorest school in Jo'burg, nor the richest. The school surrounded by a tall barbed wire fence. It even has a proper gate keeper. The soil is red and dusty. The students are constantly shining their shoes. My brother's shoes look reddish brown these days because he can't be bothered to shine his shoes anymore. There's a large mural on the wall of the school with a giant condom, and a red ribbon, reading "AIDS IS A MONSTER". The students are all tardy. The teachers are tardy as well. There's not much discipline here. At my brother's school there's a problem with stabbings, and dripped blood. On the week that we visited, a student stabbed another student with the sharp edge of his compass, right in the face. The teachers will ditch their classes as well as students. They go to the local mall, or play soccer right on the school grounds.

My eyes are constantly tearing up. The people burn trash and burn the fields next to the school. The school neighbours a township. Something is always burning in Jo'burg. Burning tires is supposed to be a symbol of public anger and protest. Burning the fields is supposed to bring rain. My eyes and my skin hate it.

My brother teaching his class.

We visited one of my brother's classes. The entire student body was pretty much Black, mostly Zulu. This was the first place where I wasn't greeted with catcalls or whistles (mainly because my brother told them it was rude to do so). South Africa is quite chauvinistic and patriarchal. Many of the men act like a bad stereotype of construction workers. (All of the commercials for cleaning products contain females, I didn't see a single man.) After finishing their review of Completing the square, the students were filled with questions for Tiffany and I. They were concerned with matriculating into Uni. The questions weren't all typical. One boy asked how he could avoid drugs. This is a problem in the townships, even within the family. A girl asked if she could go to university in America, etc. My brother later pointed out an inyanga sitting in the back. An inyanga is a zulu word for traditional healer. Apparently ill people of many religions come to this inyanga. Muslims, Christians, and other Zulus. The inyanga is wearing a green sweater in the photo below. Oh by the way, the Muslim neighbourhood in Jo'burg is one of the nicest in the city. They have their own security force. You'll likely be approached if you get lost there. They know everyone in the neighbourhood, and the area is impeccably clean.

Anyways the students asked if they could have a photo with us. One student asked if I'd marry him. I guess asian girls aren't common in this part of town (Chinatown in Joburg is more like China caldesac). We took a group picture, and then some of the male students proceeded to take cell phone photos of me.

Posing with the students. Can you find Tiffany?hehe

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South Africa

Yebo (yee-bow) and Sharp (Shaaaahp)

Yebo!= Yes/ Good day
Sharp=Good (and any other word in that category. Generally a good response when you don't know what else to say).
dankie (donkey) = thank you

We flew into Jo'burg on Gulf Air. Gulf Air had the best airline food I've ever had. But I got a really bad impression of Afrikaans. I thought they were impeccably rude.

In my travels throughout S. Africa. I found that my first impression was pretty much correct. White south africans were rude and unnecessarily mean. With the exception of my brother's landlord. We had gained his trust, and he was the nicest man.

On our first day in Jo'burg, we slept off the jet leg for the first couple hours and then went to the Oriental Market. Unfortunately, the Oriental Market only has Indian vendors. But I got myself a nice cheap purse. Then we spent the rest of our afternoon in the African Museum. The best exhibit in the Museum would have to be the photos. It has photos chronicalling, Ghandi, Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela, the Women's Right's Movement, and of the local townships over the years. The townships are essentially shantytowns made of corrugated steel. Black people live in the townships.

Eventhough the Afrikaans were not so friendly, I found the Zulus, the San, Khoi, and the Swazi to be particularly helpful and kind. Plus I think I heard the word Chinese in 11 different languages. No matter what kind of Asian you say you are.......you will always be Chinese in S. Africa.

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