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Turkey duck swan bird?

What the hell is it?

sunny 18 °C


I saw this strange waterfowl at Piedmont Park, Atlanta.

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funniest moment of the day

Living in the south

-4 °C

I was talking to a new coworker. Showing him how to properly photodocument on new job sites.

We're talking about foreign languages and our backgrounds. And I mention....oh my family is french.

He replied "Really?!? I thought you were asian?"

---- Brilliant.

Didn't really want to explain that Vietnam is a french colony or the fact that I'm mixed race. Too much work.

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Mom visits me for the holidays

overcast 4 °C

My Mom came to visit me here in Atlanta for Christmas and New Years.

We did all the fun touristy things and cooked heaps of Southern food (cornbread, biscuits, collard greens, green beans, ham hocks, etc).

And we drank beer and wine every night and fell asleep watching My Name is Earl on DVD (one of my mom's favorite shows).

Atlanta was pretty easy to navigate, well since there's actually public transport. We'd take MARTA (the rail and bus system) pretty much everywhere we needed to go. Got all over the city. So I feel well explored now.

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

Centennial Olympic Park with a statue of the guy who founded the modern olympics. I think he'd be good at high jump, he's huge!

My mom and fishies. We went to the largest aquarium in the world. The Georgia Aquarium. It has whale sharks, baluga whales, sea otters, penguins, sea lions and much more! But not particularly educational. Just pretty. They don't have signs that say where the fishes are from.

We also visited the CNN center, which was actually alot of fun. Playing with green screens and sitting at the anchor desks.

We also went to the Atlanta Historical Center which has some lovely gardens with native Georgia plants. And lots of civil war history.

I had to drop off my Mom at the airport today, which was so sad. I'll miss having her around, especially having someone to cook with. But to make it even worse, the Atlanta airport was flooded with soldiers being shipped out. Crying kids saying goodbye to their fathers and mothers. Parents saying goodbye to their sons and daughters. I couldn't handle it. Don't die! They're going for no good reason anyways. Atlanta seems to have alot more reminders of wartime than LA did. The culture is just different here.

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Dear God

13 °C

The guy sitting across from me in the cafe was just talking about how the Holocaust didn't happen.

It has been much too southern this weekend.

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Camping in Blue Valley North Carolina

Highlands, NC

-1 °C

I went on a camping trip with the under 30s coworkers. We drove 2-3 hours outside of Atlanta to North Carolina

We sat around the campfire with our hotdogs and smores.

Then we played WildTurkey Hunt. Essentially they tie little shot bottles all around the campsite. You get a partner and try and find as many as possible. When you find one , you have to make Gobble Gobble sounds and then drink it. The winners collect the most bottles. My partner and I only found three :(. Then gave up and drank Johnny Walker from a flask.

It was a cold night. The ground frosted over while we tried to sleep
our frozen Wild Turkey bottles.

frosty ground

I awoke early cause it was bloody cold


the campsite

a trail

waterfall by our campsite

vista point of Blue Valley on the way back. Don't the mountains look blue?

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Emory University

2 °C

I live across the street from Emory University. They have a lake on their campus with some walking trails.

emory lake.jpg


white crane.jpg


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Photos from the World trip

Tiffany Uploaded her photos.

I'm in all the albums except for the cities in New Zealand and Fiji.
Check out Thailand!


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First day in the ATL

sunny 18 °C

I flew into Atlanta last night at 6pm.

Sunset from the plane descending into Atlanta
FirstdayinAtlanta 001.jpg

Three of my intern roomates picked up me up and drove me to our house in Decatur. Decatur is a suburb just outside the city. It's very cute. I'm walking distance from the supermarket, a wine store, the ymca and lots of ethnic food. Yay for ethnic food. I had Thai food last night, and it wasn't bad. I found a Vietnamese food place today called Saigon Cafe. They sell all sorts of Pho, but no Banh Mi unfortunately. No Vietnamese desserts either. Lots of Chinese food restaurants. And there's a bit of mexican as well. Including El Bar. Which is an underground bar without a liquour license. Awesome name though. There's even an Indian Spanish fusion restaurant. Curry tapas? I don't know how I feel about that.

Atlanta is beautiful. The trees are red, yellow, orange and green. Full with autumn. The old houses are gorgeous, southern architecture. With their brick and huge verandas.

I went to a "work party" today. Which pretty much means you're a construction worker on the weekends to help work for my stay and for free breakfast and lunch. I work for a non profit sustainable building organization. They're building a new Eco Office. It's very innovative and the organization has won heaps of awards. But it's a non profit organization, so they need lots of volunteers and interns to help with the building. I got my hard hat on, and jumped right in. I held the ladder for people to spray foam insulation. I painted primer and fire retardent. And I sorted the scrap metal, cardboard, and wood. Lots of haulin and a bit of lifting. Quite fun for a first day.

I start my proper orientation on Monday. Looks like I'll be rotating between the office, research, building inspections and construction working.

My street
FirstdayinAtlanta 004.jpg
These neighbours actually bothered to rake up all their leaves.

FirstdayinAtlanta 006.jpg

Me and the street sign
FirstdayinAtlanta 007.jpg

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Animals in Swaziland

Mkaya game reserve

We went on various "safaris" in the park. Two by massive humvee and one walking. Our guide was quite knowledgeable. Right down to the bark on the trees.

worldtrip06 321.jpg

worldtrip06 866.jpg

worldtrip06 816.jpg

worldtrip06 800.jpg

Now on our walking safari, we looked at the flora and saw a herd of zebra and cape buffalo. They work together. The zebra eat the tall grass while the buffalo eat the short grass. One sees and one hears.

But we also found some other friends. A mother and child white rhinos.

worldtrip06 867.jpg
see them in the distance

worldtrip06 885.jpg
And now they're following us

worldtrip06 886.jpg
Still following us

The guide told us to zig zag our path.
Luckily, the pair just decided to walk in the other direction in the end.

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Our accomodation

When we arrived they carried our luggage
worldtrip06 338.jpg
These ladies can even balance trays with cups of tea on them. The tray will sway back and forth, but they don't seem at all worried that it'll fall. It never does

worldtrip06 341.jpg
Our hut was quite nice. It had no walls. We had a special gate to keep out the wildlife, which was definately needed. I saw a baby nyala run by. The entire structure is open to the external bush, including the toilet. It's like having a toilet outside. You've never felt something so relaxing as doing your business outside, on a real porcelain toilet. We had Impala venison for lunch. My favorite meat out of the entire trip. There's no electricity at the camp, except for solar power to heat the water. So you get to use old fashioned paraffin lamps. All the meals are prepared on gas stoves or open fire.

Later I had the joy of eating wildebeast sausage. Oh so tasty indeed.

You might be wondering why I was able to eat game at a game reserve?
Well at Mkaya there are no natural predators, so they have to cull the herds so the population doesn't suffer from steep rising and crashing.

In swaziland, you eat game meat. The local cattle is actually a protected species. The game reserve was originally built to preserve this cattle. But you need the big five animals to draw tourists.

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